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ntl releases unregistered cable modems to customers [Update 1]

# 25 January 2005, 16:04 by Frank

A source inside ntl had yesterday informed us that ntl have released a new batch of unprovisioned cable modems, some of which have been installed within customer’s homes. Initial indications are that the cable modems are on a new MAC address range that has not yet been added to ntl’s provisioning system, and so do not work on the network.

Our source said in a communication to Cable Forum: ”[the] same thing happened a few years ago from what I remember and it took 2 weeks to sort out!”

ntl currently have an active fault on their Service Status Page regarding Registration. This fault was added on 21 January and has an estimated fix date of Wednesday 26 January:

new ntl broadband internet customers may currently be unable to register for the service receiving an error message such as “not a valid ntl modem”. Our engineers are aware of the problem and are working towards a resolution which we expect to be on Wednesday 26th January. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

A second source confirmed the issue of unregistered cable modems being installed in customer premises, and put the number of unregistered cable modems at 2000. While this is not a large number of cable modems considering ntl currently has over 1million broadband subscribers, the length of time taken to implement a fix is suprising.

”...the Harmony update should take 5 mins really, probably take until Wednesday though,” said our source. “3 days to add a line to a database, takes the p**s”.

Customer’s who are affected by this registration problem can check the status of this fault by going to ntl’s service status website. Or perhaps not, if you are one of the affected customers. Cable Forum would like to welcome these customers to ntl (once they get online), and wish them the very best in the future with their ntl services.

Update 1: An ntl insider has told Cable Forum that this issue has now been resolved ahead of ntl’s expected resolution of Wednesday 26th January.

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