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Telewest completes further broadband upgrades

# 21 December 2004, 14:26 by Cable Forum

Telewest has completed its bandwidth upgrades to its existing broadband services. The upgrade programme has taken six weeks to complete with existing 750Kb, 1.5Mb and 3Mb customers receiving these increases at no extra cost.

A Telewest press release states:-

The flagship 3Mb service has become an even faster 4Mb connection with the upstream increased to 384Kb, the 1.5Mb service has had a boost to 2Mb and the standard 750Kb service has increased to 1Mb. The entry-level 256Kb service remains unchanged.

Eric Tveter, president and chief operating officer at Telewest Broadband, said: “We wanted to get the upgrades delivered in readiness for the holiday break and our blueyonder team has really pulled out the stops to get this present delivered ahead of time.

“Our broadband internet customers can now sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that they can surf into the New Year with faster speeds at no extra cost.”

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