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ntl metered broadband in 2005

# 10 December 2004, 03:25 by Cable Forum

ntl has released information this week in a UBS annual media presentation conference, ntl key product launches in 2005, along with VOD (Video on Demand) launching at the beginning of next year, coming a little later on in the year is Metered broadband.

ntl recently annouced within their Q3 2004 financial results that new higher speeds will be launching around the start of 2005, those being 1MB with a 5GB monthly bandwidth usage, 2MB with 30GB monthly bandwidth usage and a 3MB connection with a 40GB monthly bandwidth usage allowance.

One can only assume with the usage restrictions tied to these new speeds, that this is likely where metered broadband kicks in and that customers who go over their usage allowance will be charged extra per GB they exceed the usage threshold.

What is not yet absolutely clear is how ntl intend to ‘police’ this but again one can assume ntl may very well be putting in place steps to monitor how much customers download or whether they will providing an onsite facility so customers can check to see if they are near their usage limit or not. More information on this will be provided as and when we get it.

We asked Chief Executive of ntl Simon Duffy last month about the new speeds and their usage restrictions, he said: “The usage caps will be as you mention – they are much more generous than Wanadoo’s. I think the market needs to accept that the days of unlimited usage for all are over. The vast majority of users will not be impacted by the limits, but the small number who regularly use GB by the ton drive our costs up significantly and, since we are not a charity, we need to recover them somehow. It doesn’t seem fair to ask the majority of moderate users to subsidise the small number of heavy users and usage caps are the best way to ensure fair treatment for all.”

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