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Fresh NTL and Telewest Merger Speculation

# 9 December 2004, 11:55 by Cable Forum

Investors for the two largest cable companies in Britain, expect NTL and Telewest to start merger negotiations at the start of next year.

The Guardian reports that American shareholders for both companies have told them that they expect talks to commence as soon as Telewest has completed its £1.7Billion refinancing and ntl finalises the £1.2Billion of its masts business during the first three months of next year.

An investor has told The Guardian: “It makes perfect business sense for them to merge. The only reason it wouldn’t get done is ego.”

Senior executives for both cable companies are refusing to comment about any merger plans as they ducked questions about any merger talks at an investor conference organised by the investment bank UBS in New York this week.

The Guardian also reports that investors believe a combined group is likely to be structured on a split of 60:40 because ntl is bigger.

Full story over @ The Guardian.

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