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Telewest's Even Faster Broadband

# 15 November 2004, 18:10 by Cable Forum

Telewest have surprised its punters by announcing more speed increases across three of the top speed tiers. These increases are being delivered at no extra cost and no usage restrictions in place.

Work is expected to be carried out in December/January 2005 to implement the changes and customers will be notified when the changes have been completed.

Telewest state that existing blueyonder customers do not have to do anything these speed changes will happen automatically.

Below is a summary of the speed changes, Telewest are to implement, 256K speed is remaining the same:-

750K 1MB cost same price of £25 Per Month
1MB 2MB cost same price of £35 Per Month
3MB 4MB cost same price of £50 Per Month

Also the upload speed for the the new 4MB speed tier to be increased to 384k.

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