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Tellabs: Overheating phones safe - blames ntl Ireland

# 13 October 2004, 15:05 by Frank

Tellabs, the US equipment maker of the phones used by ntl Ireland in 2000 disconnected Dublin homes, has rejected claims by ntl that its kit poses a safety hazard, and instead blames the problems on ntl’s shoddy installation of the product.

Tellabs issued a statement yesterday, indicating that its CABLESPAN equipment, through which the telephone service is provided, are at the centre of the safety alert.

Tellabs is confident that our CABLESPAN units are safe when properly installed. Since 1998, our customers have deployed almost 600,000 indoor service units around the world. CABLESPAN equipment was rigorously tested and certified for safety prior to deployment.

According to Tellabs, the company hired an “eminent independent engineering consultant” who indicated, based on the evidence available, that the probable cause of these incidents was “improper installation of the equipment”.

Unsuprisingly, ntl continues to deny this, and blames the overheating problems on the Tellabs equipment. From past experience, I know where I’d put my money…

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