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ntl Ireland suspends home phone service [Updated]

# 11 October 2004, 10:07 by Cable Forum

Cable firm NTL has suspended its domestic home phone service in Dublin because of a safety issue. All 2000 customers have been notified and advised to take up service with an alternative telephone provider.

ntl have stated that none of its other services are affected, and that customers can use the phone equipment in an emergency. However, they have not yet clarified what the safety issue is that has caused some customers to express their concern about the equipment and lack of information on the safety issue.


Ireland’s telecoms regulator, ComReg, has stepped in after yesterday’s news that ntl telephones may “constitute a potential safety hazard through overheating,” and instructed ntl Ireland to minimise the disruption of those affected reimbursing the cost of switching providers.

John Doherty from ComReg said, “ComReg will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that ntl complies with its obligations. ntl is required to protect its consumers and the company must offer an alternative provider without delay and without exposing them to additional costs associated with such a transfer.”

A spokeswoman for ntl Ireland told The Register that ntl had already complied with most of ComReg’s requirements.

However, she declined to comment on the exact nature of the potential hazard or how long NTL has been aware of the problem, citing “legal reasons”.

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