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Moving ISP in old house-routing issue?
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Old 06-05-2011, 22:35   #1
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Moving ISP in old house-routing issue?

Hi Folks

First post on this forum.
I've read some other threads about installation, particularly:
New install - wiring questions
but I have a slightly different situation. The Virgin installer is calling Wednesday, and I'm trying to anticipate what could be problems & how we can mitigate them.

Current (pipex) broadband is via old BT copper phone wire, via overhead cable & down side wall, to box about head height. Actually there are two full connections, as there used to be two phone lines to a previous owner (years ago). The house is 1923, solid wall.
From the box is a maze of standard 4-core wires, running round the entire back of the house, through what is now a conservatory under what was the only suspended ground floor & into the hallway, where it terminates in the "primary outlet". A few years ago, we had the solid floor parts of the ground floor dug out and put in suspended floors throughout (a leaky central heating pipe issue), but this has never been used for routing phone lines. Another line runs from the house wall box to a master bedroom, where it daisy chains to the far bedroom where I'm currently at the PC.

Although the current maze sounds an abortion, it was put in when such work was expensive, is good quality and all works a treat. Even the furthest daisy chain line (this room) gave 3.7 Mb speed before Pipex contention spoils the speed (and is now unworkable at times)

The issue? I was looking to install the Virgin WiFi router in the hallway near the current primary socket, with a view to progressing to a WiFi-router/NAS/printer hub "under the stairs" as a resource for all the future household PC use.

Going through the wall where the current box is won't work, as that is a special "collections" room with absolutely no space for such a hub down the line.

A potentially bigger complication is that we have a brick-paved driveway across most of the front face of the house. The only bit accessible by going round the driveway paving bit is to the living room, or the bottom of the stairs in the hallway. Might that be the best route?

How's the Virgin tech going to assess the best route in, and my aspiration to keep the main outlet in the central hallway?
I can take up floorboards, but there will be a large amount of moving involved in getting such access.

Difficult query, I know, but some form of guidance could help me get a good result rather than an almost unusable one!
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Old 06-05-2011, 22:49   #2
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Re: Moving ISP in old house-routing issue?

Virgins broadband doesnt use phonelines unless you've chosen virgin national which uses the same phone wiring you have. If you've gone for "fibre optic" they use co-ax cable. They dont lift paving so it seems it will have to enter via the living room. Are you just getting installed Broadband or everything?

If more than one device: They will install a brown box which can house a splitter on the wall. From there one wire "could" wrap round your house to another room and the other can go into the living room. To get to the hall the tech will staple wires round your skirting and drill through walls. If you have a crawl space under the floor he may go under it but its up to his discression and if he can fit. That way he could pop the wire from under the floor to where you want the hub to be.
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Old 07-05-2011, 12:17   #3
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Loughborough-UK Midlands
Services: Virgin 10M Broadband
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Re: Moving ISP in old house-routing issue?

Thanks for the reply, jb66.

I'm going for phone/10Mb broadband only.
Yeah, I thought they'd "junk" the existing cabling and go for a completely new connection point.

The more I think about it, the better it would be if they can drill a hole in the wall to get to the "under the bottom few stairs" box cavity in the hallway. I can remove the vertical end of the box, and they could install the splitter right there on the replaced end panel. That would mean a 2m run to connect to the existing main Dect Phone, and be in exactly the right place for an under-stairs hub.

The only issue that might give that grief is the run from the pavement, and where they can exit their roadside conduit. Can they enter the front boundary of the property at any point, or are there constraints ? (we have a large stone wall blocking all but the gated access). If they can, then instead of a 5m "straight run", they'd need to put in a "skirt around the paving edge" run of, maybe 8-10m.

Would that be an issue?

I'll ask a q re NAS/hub setup in another thread.
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