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For Sale & Wanted - Forum Rules v1.4
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Cable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze age
For Sale & Wanted - Forum Rules v1.4


Please remember that Cable forum can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any deals done on this Forum. All transactions are private between the buyer and seller.

Sections ;

1. General
2. Mandatory
3. Advisory
4. Guidelines
5. Problem Deals
6. Traders
7. eBay Auctions

1. General

The forsale/wanted forum is for the use of all members to enable them to buy and sell their own, personal, second-hand items - no other items are to be offered or requested within the forum.

The sale of copied games or other software, no matter how stated or implied, is strictly not permitted, neither is the sale of OEM software or Chipped games consoles. The sale of Virgin Media, NTL or Telewest Digital/Analog STB's, or Cable Modems is not permitted.

The sale of animals or 'Unwanted Pet's' is not permitted. This is to cover Cable Forum, should a specific event of such nature, fall foul to a range of UK Laws or specifically UK Legislation.

The Teams decision on any item is final, and if not considered suitable, the post or thread will be removed.

Past experience has shown that those who attempt to use forums without making themselves aware of the rules do not learn from a simple, advisory, emails - as a result, all transgressions of the mandatory rules will result in the following ;

First offence: An official warning.
Second offence: A 1 day suspension from the forums.
Third offence: A 1 week suspension from the forums.

Any subsequent transgressions will be dealt with as the Team see fit, a permanent ban is quite likely.

2. Mandatory Rules

Include the following in the opening post in the forum:

a) A prefix in the title of "WANTED: " or "FOR SALE: " followed by a short, meaningful description of the item(s).

b) The price for the item(s) - if applicable.

If offering multiple items or whole computers and you do not wish to split - then say so, otherwise post individual prices.

You are allowed a maximum of two active threads in the Forum at any one time.

No thread bumping - including disguised bumping. If a post is considered by the Team to be a disguised bump then a bump it is. A price change post may be made but not within the first 24 hours of the start of the thread. Do not re-post items that appear in existing threads.

No threads to 'Test' a sale. You either have the goods for sale - or not. If not, don't waste everyones time.

Do not commence a selling thread unless you have full title to all goods being sold in that thread. This means that you do not sell on behalf of a friend. This also means that you do not sell goods to which you do not yet own or possess. Anyone caught attempting to sell goods which they do not have in their possession or do not own will be banned.

Do not post For Sale threads unless you are able to immediately dispatch the goods.

If you place a wanted thread then please clearly indicate the item that you seek.

Replies will not be allowed in the topics, other than by the poster (or the team). All correspondance about buying/selling/questions etc should be done directly via PM [or e-mail].

The poster may add to the thread only to update the status (e.g. say the items have been sold, or obtained etc, but see the no bumping rule).

3. Advisory

All threads regardless of the circumstances may be closed 14 days after the initial post. Once a deal has been finished and relevant parties have received the goods, please update the thread with a post to say "Thread Closed". The Team can then search for this and close all finished threads.

4. Guidelines

These Guidelines are provided to help you enjoy the MM facility in relative safety. Ignore them at your peril

As soon as you and another party strike a deal then immediately exchange emails (or PM's) providing both parties with the following information:

1. Full Name
2. Full Address and Postcode
3. Telephone Number (preferably no mobile)
4. Confirmation of details of the trade
5. Payment Method
6. Clearly state your understanding of when you expect the money or goods to be sent
a. Preferred and alternative email addresses
b. Mobile Number(s)

Print out or make a note on paper of the contact details of the above details. It is not unheard of for people to lose such information stored on a PC due to a virus or hard drive failure.

Should there be any delay in completion then both party?s will have full contact details to hand.

Please do not approach the Team for assistance if you have neglected to take the most rudimentary precautions mentioned here.

You are strongly advised to consider setting up either a PAYPAL or NOCHEX account. Such methods are extremely easy and quick to use and they speed up the whole process for the benefit of both buyer and seller.

5. Problem Deals

If you are having problems concerning a trade, such as not receiving goods or money, then consider the situation very carefully before taking your next action.

Do not post on the forums with a complaint or a whinge. Such posts will be removed without explanation.

Have you allowed sufficient time? - Many have been embarrassed due to complaints or comments made only to later find that the sender has been in hospital or otherwise genuinely removed from web access. It happens.

If you have followed the "Trading Guidelines" then you will have the other party?s full name, address, email and telephone number. Attempt contact by these means first. If necessary, write to the other party by recorded delivery.

If you continue to have genuine and continuing problems with a trader then inform one of the Team, by PM, providing full information concerning the trade, the other party, what was agreed and any contact from the other party. We may be able to help but nothing is promised. It is most important that you advise us of problems. You may not be the only person experiencing such problems involving the other party.

If the matter cannot be quickly resolved following notification to the Team (or we have already learned of problems concerning this individual) then we will consider suspending the account of the other party until such time that all outstanding trades have been satisfactorily completed. The decision to impose or lift any account suspension will be taken solely by the Team.

6. Traders

The Forum are for the use of private individuals to buy and sell their own personal property. Commercial Trading, i.e. buying and selling of items specifically for profit, is strictly prohibited. Anyone buying and/or selling excessive quantities of items will be deemed to be Trading and action will be taken (which may include banning).

Under no circumstances are Traders/Firms/Companies allowed to conduct their business on the Forums. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an immediate ban from the Forums.

The practice of Bulk Purchasing & Reselling through the forum is unacceptable. Such threads will be removed on sight and without further explanation. Bulk buying is not tolerated on this site and as such is deemed as trading. If, however, you have a genuine reason for wanting to sell a surplus of kit then you should contact one of the Team via PM stating your reasons.

7. eBay Auctions

We are currently allowing members to post links to their ebay actions. To be allowed to post such a link you must have been a member of Cable Forum for at least 1 month, have at least 20 posts, and not have a negative reputation. Any member who doesn't qualify, and posts an auction thread, will receive an infraction as well as having the thread removed.

When posting your ebay auction please use a thread title of ebay: xxxxx - where xxxx is the item(s) being sold. You may post up to 5 links in your thread. You must not post more than one thread per week (and so must not have more than three active threads at any time) note that the forum automatically removes threads posted in the For Sale forum more than three weeks ago.

The general rules in section 1 about what may (or may not) be sold still apply to ebay links posted here, the rest of the rules above will only apply where it is sensible to do so.

If you are unsure about anything then please ask one of the Team beforehand. These Rules are to be read in conjunction with the Main Board Rules. These rules may be added to, or amended at any time.

The decision of the Cable Forum Team is final and lengthy discussion will not be entered into.

Originally posted by Paul M, Last edited 26/06/2007.
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