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The Reputation System
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Cable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze age
The Reputation System


The forum has a reputation system intended to allow other forum members to acknowledge good posts. This guide describes how the system works and the rules that must be followed.

Your Reputation Points

The Default Reputation for a new member is 10.

Your Reputation points total is displayed in your usercp - also the last 20 reps you have received are displayed together with the last 10 reps you have given out. You can see the name of the member you have given reps to and the name of anyone who has given you reputation.

Your Reputation Power is the number of points you give when you rep someone else, and is calculated as follows ;

Your Green (positive) Reputation Power is ;
  • One point for every 1000 posts you have made.
  • One point for every 250 points of reputation you have.
  • One point for each 365 days you have been a member.

This value is capped at 40 for non technical areas, and 60 for the technical areas of the forum.

Your Red (negative) repping power is the same value as your green repping power. You can see your current power in your usercp - However, this value does not take into account the capping mentioned above as that is applied at the time reputation is given.

For a rep to count you must have at least 10 points, and have made at least 1 post. Non counting reps are displayed as Grey.

You can give a maximum of 20 reputation "hits" per 24 hour period, and must rep at least five different people before you can rep the same person again (Administrators are exempt from these two limits).

You cannot rep any post made over 28 days ago (or 5 days if the thread is closed). You cannot give reputation in the 'For Sale' Forum.

The Reputation Levels
  • -100 is infamous around these parts
  • -50 to -99 can only hope to improve
  • -1 to -49 has a little shameless behaviour in the past
  • 0 to 50 is an unknown quantity at this point
  • 51 to 100 is on a distinguished road
  • 101 to 150 will be famous soon enough
  • 151 to 200 has a spectacular aura about
  • 201 to 250 is a jewel in the rough
  • 251 to 350 is just really nice
  • 351 to 450 is a glorious beacon of light
  • 451 to 550 is a name known to all
  • 551 to 650 is a splendid one to behold
  • 651 to 750 has much to be proud of
  • 751 to 875 has entered a golden reputation era
  • 876 to 1000 has a brilliant future
  • 1001 to 1125 has a reputation beyond repute
  • 1126 to 1250 has a fine set of Quads
  • 1251 to 1375 is just so famous around these parts
  • 1376 to 1500 has a very nice sixpack
  • 1501 to 1750 is the helpful one
  • 1751 to 2000 is a pillar of society
  • 2001 to 4000 has reached the bronze age
  • 4001 to 6000 has a bronzed appeal
  • 6001 to 8000 has a bronze array
  • 8001 to 10000 is cast in bronze
  • 10001 to 20000 has a nice shiny star
  • 20001 to 30000 has a pair of shiny stars
  • 30001 to 40000 is seeing silvered stars
  • 40001 to 50000 has a lot of silver bling
  • 50001 onwards has a golden aura

A number of green & golden pips are used to show other users your reputation level. The first five pips are dull green, the next five are bright green, then you can have up to 10 golden pips, there are then 4 bronze stars, 4 silver stars and then golden ones.

Each pip in it's colour group has a set value, the dull green () are currently worth 50, the light green () are worth 100 and the gold () are worth 125.

At 2,001 points - You get a large bronze star () and the pips sequence is "reset" to start again. This happens for every 2,000 points.

At 10,001 points - You get a large silver star () and the pips sequence is "reset" to start again, untill at 12,001 points you get a bronze star, working your way back up through the pip and bronze star sequence. A new silver star is added every 10,000 points.

At 50,001 points - You reach the pinnacle of reputation adding a large golden star (). The pips, bronze and silver star sequence is again reset.


The reputation system is not there to be abused, and anyone who uses it to send abusive comments to other users will be dealt with.
Please report any abusive reps to the team. Persistant red repping of people for dubious reasons may also be considered abuse of the system.

Rules to note ;
  1. Do not ask other members to rep someone on your behalf - this is by-passing the limits we have set, and such reps are liable to be removed.
  2. Do not give "sympathy" reps, where someone complains they got unjustly red repped, again this defeats the purpose of the system.
  3. Asking for reps (rep whoring), in posts or signatures is not permitted.
  4. Revenge repping is not permitted (giving a red to someone because you received one off them).
  5. Members are not permitted to discuss reps received or given in threads, reputation is a private matter, not for public discussion.
  6. An appropriate comment should be given for any rep, especially red reps so the recipient can understand the reasoning.

Removal of reps will normally only happen if ;
  1. You gave a rep in error.
  2. You received an abusive rep.
  3. You received a revenge rep.
  4. The rep (or reps) are, in the Team's view, an apparent abuse of the system.

If you give a rep by mistake, you have 10 minutes in which you can delete it yourself (via the 'Reputation Given' display in your usercp)

In all other cases you need to contact the Team - but remember (and to repeat from above) - we will not remove any rep simply because you do not think you deserved it (what some may call unjust reps). Also remember that we can check the system if required to make sure it isn't being abused.

As far as point 4 goes, we will decide if the system is being abused or not - this could, for example, be one person regularly red repping one or more another members for what we think are trivial reasons. Equally, it could also be one person regularly green repping another to simply boost their score - this is just as much an abuse of the system.

Please use the system wisely, and as it was intended.
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