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Re: Please document any V6 issues here.

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If you go back through your posts on multiple threads, it would appear to most people I think that you were really pounding away at your Tivo, trying to find faults with it. I think your first Tivo must be well and truly knackered by now.

I accept that your 'on/off' issue may be a known issue, but many of the problems you have raised on Cable Forum are the result of the way you go about testing every single aspect of what the box will do. I fully expect that if you had a Sky Q box you would be highlighting similar issues every day.

I use my Tivo to record, play, search and add wishlists, and the only issue I have is the relative slowness of the box at times (although my existing Tivo is now on its way out after about 4 or 5 years of reliable usage). I am sure that if I gave it the kind of pounding you give your boxes, I would get additional problems as well. Do you ever get the time to actually watch any programmes all the way through? If you do, I don't know where you find it!

Just sayin'...
Well I for one have been silently following Richard's posts for months, primarily because I also suffered from many of the same faults and bugs as well as many more that have not been reported. I think it is very unfortunate that Virgin Media and seemingly some of their vocal customers are so much in love with their little buggy box that they can turn a blind eye to so many problems, hence why most of the faults that existed the day it came out, still exist today even in V6 and why Virgin Media have a reputation for slow, buggy, clunky devices, whilst a growing list of competitor products continue to go from strength to strength.

As for knackering something out by pounding away, I think you must be thinking of something else

I congratulate Richard for standing up for what he believes in and not be shouted down and out by ridicule.
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